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Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation reports comprising photographs and video recording taken prior to construction works strategically positioned to identify structures potentially subject to damage or movement during construction work. Comparison photographs and video recordings during and at the completion of the works provide information to assist in assessing damages claims. The report can be combined with ongoing monitoring surveys to provide a visual understanding of the movement of structures.


Construction Surveys

Surveys associated with construction work on residential, commercial, industrial and rural sites for private, commercial and statutory bodies including Councils, Housing NSW and the Roads and Maritime Service.


Civil Construction Setout

Rygate Surveyors has a wealth of experience in setting out for civil and construction works ranging from residential extensions and medium density developments through to larger projects such as shopping centres, industrial complexes and multi storey buildings.


Work as Executed Surveys

These surveys can involve the surveying of the position and levels of structures such as kerbs, paths, walls, stormwater pipes and pits, service lines, on-site stormwater detention systems etc. to enable their as built location to be compared with their design position. The resulting plan and computer file can be used to satisfy Council approval conditions, Service Authorities approval conditions and as a record of completed work to assist in ongoing maintenance and for future development.


High Rise Control and Setout

Rygate Surveyors has extensive experience in highrise building control and setout on many buildings throughout Sydney CBD and metropolitan area.


Monitoring Surveys

Rygate Surveyors has experience in designing and undertaking precise monitoring systems for construction, engineering and industrial applications.


Volumetric Surveys

Volumetric surveys are often required to determine the exact volume contained in stockpiles or dam and detention basin volumes.

Our volumetric surveys can also be used to provide you with sections and profile drawings as well as the standard volume reports or other additional information. We currently provide regular volume reports to a number of large construction and manufacturing operations to allow for precise inventory management.


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