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Subdivision Design

As one of the leading firms of Registered Surveyors in Sydney Rygate Surveyors are ideally placed to handle any subdivision you might require. Torrens Title subdivisions are the most common subdivisions in NSW and at Rygate Surveyors we have extensive knowledge and experience that will allow us to effectively and efficiently handle any Torrens subdivision that you might require. Associated with the subdivision we provide the following services:


  • Lot layout and design to maximise the return on the land
  • Proposed Plan of Subdivision (suitable for Council D.A.)
  • Draft 88B Instruments for creation of Easements
  • Preparation of Final Plan of Subdivision
  • Organise Council Certification/Authority Certification
  • Electronic lodgement for registration


Development Applications

Rygate Surveyors can compile and manage Development Applications relating to Subdivision of land and Strata Schemes.


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