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Lease plans

A number of different types of leases require survey plans to be prepared. Rygate Surveyors have decades of experience in preparing these types of plans.

Below is a list of some of the lease plans we prepare.


  • Lease of Land
  • Lease of Premises
  • Lease


Lease of Land

A lease of land for a period 5 years or more is considered to be a subdivision and accordingly requires Council approval and a plan of subdivision suitable for registration.
A lease of land for a period of less than 5 years will currently not require Council approval but will require the preparation of a plan of subdivision.
As with any other subdivision these plans must be prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor and are subject to the provisions of the Surveying & Spatial Information Act 2002. Rygate Surveyors have a number of experienced registered surveyors on staff and are able to meet all of your surveying needs.


Lease of Premises

Rygate Surveyors can prepare plans for lease of premises within a building which requires a comprehensive survey of the enclosing tenancy walls. These surveys can be used for documentation associated with:


  • Offices
  • Retail shops
  • Industrial Units
  • Warehouse Units
  • Shopping Centres

Surveys such as these are generally required to be carried out in accordance with the published guidelines of The Property Council of Australia. Plans suitable for annexure to a Lease for Registration at the Land Titles Office can also be prepared. Hardcopy plans of the tenancy are prepared and if required, Rygate Surveyors can provide an electronic version.

Rygate Surveyors can also prepare plans that some services Authorities require, identifying the locations of their infrastructure plant and equipment together with access ways for it to be shown on a plan for lease purposes in their specified format and for Registration at the Land Titles Office.


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